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Buy Or Sell: Do You Believe Yet, In This Defense

Buy Or Sell: Do You Believe Yet, In This Defense

Buy or Sell?

Let’s talk stock on the Buccaneers defense.
Just imagine what words came out of our mouth when Mike Smith coordinated our Defense. Whether it was a sinful word or the classical boos. That was the last straw! After that awful loss in Atlanta in 2018 that resulted in the firing of Smith and the promotion of Mark Duffner taking the interim to fix the defense. It should be fixed……Right? SELL!
So, Head Coach Dirk Koetter walked the plank and The Kango wearing Bruce Arians takes the ship and gets ousted Jets HC Todd Bowles to lead the defense. Are you BUYING OR SELLING? Let’s crunch up the numbers here. In their first year with JPP, Barrett, Suh, VHIII, Nassib, Vea, David, Nunes-Roches, Bunting-Murphy, Edwards Davis and Rookies Devin White and Jamel Dean in this new defense.
The production on the field was a huge change. The dividends paid off instantly and throughout the season despite the Offensive turnovers that resulted in the defense playing quite some time finish of 7-9 in Arians and Bowles first year. Sure, the passing defense needed some tweaks which gave former Gator and first rounder VHIII to get the boot due to “Lack of Hustle” Dean was the next man up and he helped turn things around near the end of the season.
Fast forward to 2020, COVID-19, Tom Brady and Gronk joins the Bucs. Quietly, the Bucs lost Carl Nassib after his short contract was up and helped the teams cap space to get Brady. He traded his Skull and Swords with the Silver and Black in Sin City. No worries. Defending sack leader Shaquill Barrett continues his quick blitzes along with Second year LB Devin White settling in with the defense and making the tackles up in the middle and stopping potential long rushes…..Yep! Defense helping limit the best RBs to less than 100 individual yards speaks volumes. JPP, Suh, Davis and Vea doing a great job in the defensive line running after QBs and pressuring them to make bonehead passes that Rookie Antoine Winfield Jr. Lavonte David, Mike Edwards and Jordan Whitehead find the footballs like beers being tossed by a beer vendor.
So, are we buying? YES and so the 2020 season continues. The perfect defense consists of curbing down on penalties (Offsides and Interference) plus continue on the league leading rushing defense. Kansas City is the hot seat of this rushing defense. If the Bucs did it with Derrick Henry, Christan McCafferty and Alvin Kamara (twice) last year than they can certainly do it against the defending SB Champions in prime time.

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