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Packers-Buccaneers Week Six Preview

Packers-Buccaneers Week Six Preview

Now that last week is complete let’s turn the page and look at the next matchup for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The week six matchup is a meeting with the undefeated Green Bay Packers. Aaron Rodgers versus Tom Brady what more can fans ask for. There are some good games on the schedule this week and this is most definitely one of them. This could be a defining moment for the Bucs who lost in a tough one to the Chicago Bears. Let’s look at this game.

Game Topics:

First, of course the talked about moment in the game is going to be Aaron Rodgers versus Tom Brady. There’s always a possibility that this matchup could happen again in a potential playoff game but anything is possible. Good news for Brady this week, there’s a chance to get some injured players back like Leonard Forunette and Chris Godwin as well as a healthy Mike Evans. You can read that here

Let’s look at how Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady fare against each other. When you look at the statistics it’s important to keep in mind Tom Brady has a few more years over Aaron Rodgers. A shocker to no one, Brady leads Rodgers in most categories like touchdowns, playoff appearances, wins etc. Aaron Rodgers does have a better quarterback rating and he’s thrown less interceptions in his career. 

Next, the two running backs. Aaron Jones versus Ronald Jones which there’s no relation between the two. For purposes, let’s only look at the numbers so far this season. Aaron Jones has played in one less game because of the bye week. Aaron Jones in four games averages more yards per run however that’s about it. Ronald Jones leads in touchdowns, yards and even receiving yards. Ronald Jones has really become a star in this league and I think he’s finally starting to prove why he was a second round pick. 

Finally, we have to talk about the penalty situation. Aaron Rodgers is what you would call a mastermind of getting defenses to not only jump offside but get the 12 men on the field penalty. Buccaneers have to clean up the penalties you can’t have five penalties in a row you just can’t. Tom Brady is used to playing mistake penalty free football. He wasn’t happy with the team and he appeared to be yelling to try and motivate the team. Buccaneers just haven’t been able to end the penalties regardless of who is the quarterback or coach. 

Who Wins? 

Buccaneers fans may want to not look at my score prediction. Losing streak continues to two games. Green Bay Packers have star wide receiver Devante Adams back and he’ll be a huge reason why they’ll win. The Green Bay Packers beat the Bucs 35-21.
Photo credit: Mike Dinovo USA Today

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